28 November 2011

i love my table

yesterday i found my table like this
(i swear i didnt arrange that just for the picture. but i know it looks like i did.)

1 New kuš! #9 'female secrets'
2 kuš! #8 with only finnish artists
3 again kuš! postcards, on top: till havenbrak
4 the new kiin.-backpack-silkscreen-bag! the EL DORADO edition. comes with two different goldfaces
4* kiin.-bag . the old one KIIN LOVES YOU!
5 KIINBETWEEN #1 'SUPER VILLAIN' is out! its between kiin.zine # 7 and kiin.zine # 8.
6 also new: kiin.zine #8! EL DORADO
8 'going for a smoke' , double booklet by ines christine
9 kiinzine #2 'peppermint' is back in stock, get it here!
10 meat-shirt by lisa röper
11 'robin- postcard.
12 'änglasep' rotary candle holder
14 my sister lent me some books: daniel clowes - the death-ray , kerascoet+vehlmann - jenseits , tommi musturi - unterwegs mit samuel , vanessa davis - make me a woman

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